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Our Factory

The Best Technology

Driven solely by great enthusiasm for providing customers with the best Packaging solutions, we always ensure our machinery is the best in modern-day technology to serve our purpose.

Victor Oscar Company's Factory A

With expert technicians in our workforce, our probability of default or delay in fulfilling any order irrespective of the large volume or specific requirement as a result of machine-related issues is absolutely zero.

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Our machine maintenance schedule runs quarterly thus ensuring our machines are always 100% ready at any given time to get the job done.


And when it comes to capacity, our capability cannot be overstated. Quantities ranging from tens of thousands to tens of millions are produced with ease hence making us the best choice for any customer, big or small.

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Our Production

The Best Materials

Victor Oscar Company settles for nothing less than the best and we always tend to portray this attribute to all our customers. In our production, we don't just recommend but always give the best.

Victor Oscar Company's Production A

The best raw materials are used, the best processes are exploited, the best conditions are applied then the best packaging materials are produced.


To achieve all these, we are always stern with our minimum production quantities and prices. Flexibility is a slippery slope to compromise and compromise is the first step to poor results. This is our ultimate principle and the strict adherence to it has made us the foremost consultant to any customer looking to get the best packaging solutions. Whether you're getting pouches, cosmetic containers or any packaging material from us, you're guaranteed of getting the best.

Victor Oscar Company's Production B

Our Printing

High Quality Printing

A picture is often said to speak a thousand words. This means a good picture speaks a thousand good words and a bad picture speaks a thousand bad words. Victor Oscar Company applies this same philosophy to printing. We do everything we can to ensure your product design printing comes out in the best quality possible.

Victor Oscar Company's Printing A

Nothing appeals to an end-consumer like a product packaged in a beautifully printed pack. Expert marketing analysts have conducted a survey and confirmed that products with beautifully printed packs sell over 95% faster than products with poorly printed packs.


With our high-quality printing on your product package, your products are always set to speak a thousand good words to every consumer.

Victor Oscar Company's Printing B

Our Quality

International Standards

Quality is the most important area in every production. Victor Oscar Company pays so much attention to Quality that we don't deliver any packaging material to any customer without 100% scrutiny and approval from our quality control department. We examine every little detail and ensure we maintain international standards in all our production.


Our culture in every order is to first make samples and send to the customer to confirm the quality before proceeding to make the bulk order. With this, you are guaranteed of our quality and if you have any further specific quality requirements, you simply inform us and we'll abide by it. All our customers love our quality and our quality policies will never be compromised.

Victor Oscar Company's Quality

Our Expertise

Highly Trained Professionals

Victor Oscar Company's workforce is made up of the Production department in charge of manufacturing, the Technical department in charge of machinery operation and maintenance, the Quality control department in charge of final scrutiny and many more departments.


The aforementioned departments are the major stakeholders in ensuring we deliver the best to every customer. These departments are headed by seasoned professionals, each being the best in their respective fields with proven expertise to get the job done. They have all their subordinates trained so well that each department executes their duties thoroughly. With Victor Oscar Company, your order is always handled by the best professionals in the field and you are guaranteed of getting the best.

Victor Oscar Company's Expertise

Our Customer Care

Prompt, Polite, Reliable

A stitch in time saves nine. But for Victor Oscar Company, it's a response in time to one customer brings nine. We don't just see our customers as buyers, we see all our customers as family. We treat all customers with love, respect and care. Our customer care department is big enough to attend to 1,000 customers at once and yet small enough to care for each single customer.

Whether you're placing a new order, making a payment or simply making an enquiry, our customer care department is always available to give you full support.

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